A Life-Changing Nature Immersion

Facilitated By Antoine Sepulchre
vision quest
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6 Days
Alps or Pyrenees
Group or private
180 pages journal
6 days fasting

If you are at a crossroads in your life and seeking for answers, or just want to connect deeply with yourself, the Vision Quest might be the answer.

A Vision Quest is a powerful supernatural initiation and rite of passage that have been a tradition for some Native American cultures. The process includes a complete fast for four days and nights, alone in the mountains. The goal of the Vision Quest is for you to find your life purpose, your role in the community and how to best serve.


Our Vision Quest experiences happens in the magic of the Swiss Alps mountains or in the French Pyrenees Basque Country.

After 2 days of preparation, you will spend 3 days and 3 nights alone in the nature. You will connect with a state of emptiness that will allow you to make space for your hero's journey to be birthed.

The solitude of your Vision Quest will help you to tap into the unseen wisdom all around and inside you -spirit guides and your own intuition- by turning off the stimulation for 3 days and soaking up the healing, sacred vibes of the natural world.

During your time alone in the wilderness, you will face your fears and practice a high degree of trust and self-reliance. Being alone in nature for several days will allow you to face your demons and let go of what no longer serves you.

You will observe everything with a receptive mind and be open to whatever comes - both in waking life and in your dreams.

After you return from your Vision Quest, your Guide will hold a ceremony dedicated to incorporating the insights you will have received. This will help you to draw out the lessons of what you have gone through - and encourage you to live the revelations in your life.

The program

The program consist of 6 days.

You will spend the 2 first nights and the last one in a mountain refuge with your guide, and you will spend 3 nights alone in the nature.

Vision - Day 1
The Call to Adventure
Day 1
Vision - Day 2
Crossing the Threshold
Day 2
Vision - Day 3
Day 3
Vision - Day 4
Day 4
Vision - Day 5
Death & Rebirth
Day 5
Vision - Day 6
Return with the Elixir
Day 6
What you will learn

1. Connect with your divine self

Uncover a deep awareness of who you really are so you can fall in love with your authentic self everyday.

2. Amplified Intuition

You will learn how to listen and trust your gut feelings, so you’re always guiding yourself towards the best choices and decisions. Uncertainty and self-doubt will become distant memories for you.

3. Greater Confidence

you’ll develop a sense of clarity of purpose and connection to the Universe itself - which in turn fills you with confidence to achieve and grow in extraordinary ways. The thought of failure will no longer hold you back.

4. Emotional agility

Develop a unique process that allows you to defeat stress, anxiety and depression and puts you in control of your emotions.

5. Greater Self-Love

Uncover, conquer, and tick away the small yet pivotal milestones towards self-acceptance, self-liberation, and authentic living.

6. Clarity of Purpose

you’ll gain a crystal-clear vision of your unique purpose, and how to design an inspiring life that’s in perfect alignment with it. Thoughts like “is this the right path for me?” will no longer be an issue.

7. Accelerated Goal Achievement

Whether it’s a change you want to see in the world, a problem you want to solve, or even an illness you want to recover from - you’ll discover how to turn your thoughts into reality at an accelerated pace.

8. Self-Acceptance

Begin to accept all the nuanced dimensions of you, be it the light or the dark side of your personality.

9. Deeper Compassion

You will learn how to no longer divide or judge people based on religion, culture, or race. To you, every person regardless of belief or background will be part of the same collective consciousness.

10. True Forgiveness

You will discover how to rise above petty differences and misunderstandings, and practice true, authentic forgiveness - both for yourself and others. Your relationships will dramatically improve as a result.

Your Vision Quest Journal

The program includes your Vision Quest Journal. A unique 180 pages journal of exercices and questions that will help you navigate through the various steps of your transformation.

Meet your Guide

Antoine Sepulchre is an entrepreneur and transformation facilitator. He is an exceptional guide for your journey as his methodology is based from his unique personal experience.

Antoine has been supporting people in their transformation and organizing life changing experiences for the past decade.

His method is mainly based on Transactional Analysis (TA), a psychoanalytic theory and method of therapy where social transactions are analyzed to determine the ego state of the communicator as a basis for understanding behavior.

What you will get with this program

8 One-on-One Guidance Sessions with Antoine Sepulchre. Benefit from the expert guidance and key takeaways from each workshop to support your transformation. Every week, Antoine will review with you the sessions and help you to find the keys to your transformation inside of yourself.

20+ Practical Exercices. Your Transformation Journal included includes many practical exercices that will help you apply your key takeaways quickly and consistently.

Weekly Challenges. You'll implement what you learn at the end of each week. Then you will revisit those efforts at the beginning of the next week to make sure that your new goals become part of your lifestyle.

Unlimited Access to our Media Content. During the program, you will receive materials and suggestion to help you moving forward in your transformation. Books, articles, podcasts, videos and movies, music, tarot cards.


This program goal is to support your ultimate transformation and allow you to discover what you are. This will allow you to find your true meaning and purpose, and envision your life with a all new perspective and understanding.

In order to get the best of this experience, I will expect you to be committed to it. And in order to achieve such transformational goals in such a short time, it goes without saying that it will require a very serious commitment from your side.

45 minutes per day for the next 8 weeks for your morning practice that will include: 10 minutes meditation, 30 minutes for your transformation journal, 5 minutes for an inspirational video or podcast. I recommend to take one day off at the end of each workshops.

2 hours per week for the next 8 weeks for your One-on-One weekly session with your transformation facilitator Antoine Sepulchre.

Dedicated lifestyle for the next 8 weeks. In order to get the best of your transformation, we recommend a healthy diet, no alcohol, no tobacco and no drugs during the time of the program.

Daily cold shower. Get ready to push your limits. The daily cold shower is part of the morning routine of this transformational program.

Are you interested by a vision quest ?

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I invite you to book your first introduction session so we can get to get to know each other and explore the possibility to co-create this unique transformational experience together.

This 30min introduction session is free.


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Eckart Tolle
Emotional Agility
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Become What You Are
Alan Watts
The Four Agreements
The Dark Side of the Light Chasers
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Jamie Wheal
The Hero's Journey
Joseph Campbell
Atomic Habits
James Clear
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Yuval Noah Harari
It Didn's Start With You
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God and Love on Route 80
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