the 13

families of souls

The Masters

The purpose of the Masters is to initiate the movement. They become leaders, initiators of movements, in the light or in the shadow.
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The Healers

Healers carry the fluid of healing and provide healing in all its forms to the all the families.
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The Healing Warriors

Healing Warriors are the protectors of the healing fluid in the Universe.
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The Shamans

The shamans constantly balance the fluids of the planet with the interplanetary fluids.
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The Teaching Healers

The teaching healers teach healing in all its forms.
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The Warriors

The Warriors are the protectors of energy, either shade or light.
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The Alchemists

The Alchemists incarnate on the planet Earth to spiritualize matter.
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The Communicators

The Communicators transmits love by expressing themselves in a multitude of forms: art, songs, writings, theater…
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The Teachers

The Teachers possess and transmit the fluid of knowledge.
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The Facilitators

The Facilitators help the balance of transformations, passages in the universe of souls.
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The Initiators

The Initiators come to provoke an awakening of the consciousness.
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The Pillars

The Pillars are here to recreate the connections with the Source.
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The Mechanics

The Mechanics come to repair the planet.
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