Terrence The Teacher

Mindfulness Expert

Terrence has been working in health industry for over two decades. In 2001 he trained in Neuro-Linguistics and qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. His goal is to empower his clients to access their own ressources to transform.

I first met Terrence in Brussels at a breathwork session with Eva Kaczor. There is some people in our life with who from the first time we connect, we know we gonna get along well. My meeting with Terrence has been one of those.

Terrence introduced me to hypnotherapy, but we also had and still have deep conversation about life that helped me to fully embrace what I am (versus who I use to believe I was). What I really appreciate in my relationship with Terrence is that his technique is about putting his clients at work and challenging them and that he has this special gift to make us feel safe even when his teachings are shaking some our deepest believes. He won't give up until we get the lesson.

If you are curious about hypnotherapy, you are in some very good hands with Terrence!

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