Emilie Sickinghe

Coach & Therapist

While I just discovered family constellation with another healer and I was already blown away by the potential of this therapy, Emilie kindly offered me a session with her so I could have a perception that's not limited to one therapist.

In regards of that, I didn't had any expectations when I arrived at Emilie's, I was just curious and open minded to learn more about family constellation.

Emilie is really gifted, gentle and sensitive but strong in the same time to channel the energetic intensity of trans-generational dynamics. The session revealed the toxicity of some of the psychodynamics that are being passed from generations in my family, and profoundly helped me to observe them from an outsider perspective. I found that this helped me to accept the attitudes and the realities of my ancestors, and free myself from them.

I believe we should all take in consideration the dynamics of our family systems. I found that family constellation therapy is a very efficient approach to understand how powerful and deleterious those dynamics can affect us, and how important it is to bring awareness in order to avoid continuing to transmit them to further generations.

If you are not familiar with this practice, I really encourage you to give it a try and contact Emilie. I believe that even a single session have already a lot of potential to initiate this important part of your transformational process.

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