Bobby Klein

Psychospiritual Counselor - The I Ching

Dr. Bobby Klein is a world renowned multi-dimensional healer and respected spiritual teacher based in Tulum. His has background as a clinical psychologist. In the 60's he has been a driving force in securing the legalization of acupuncture in America, and became one of the first practicing acupuncturist in the United States, opening a pathway of innovation in the conscious community ever since.

I had the opportunity to meet Bobby at the Summit Tulum 2019 gathering where he hosted the 'Archeology of the Soul', a workshop that was intended to expand our consciousness through his signature breathwork and associated techniques. I have been very impressed by how deep Bobby's practices allowed me to deeply connect with my inner wisdom. After the breathwork and a meditation, we did a group exercise that was intended to heal each other participant, and this revealed me some incredibly powerful intuitive healing capacities that inspired me ever since on the journey I am today.

I was so blessed for the gift to get to participate to this session that Bobby invited for an in-person meeting at his office in the next days.

Bobby's office is located at the YƤan Healing Sanctuary, definitely the most incredible spa in Tulum, designed my friend Sebastian Sass, the architect and owner of Be Tulum and Nomade hotels. The Sanctuary is a sacred safe place built within the jungle, a mix of concrete, palm trees and water installations that makes you feel part of it. Prior to meet Bobby, I have been invited to purify myself in the spa and received a massage from one of the therapist. Afterwards I have been asking to wait on an outdoor bed where I obviously felt asleep.

When a member of the staff came to wake me up to announce me that Bobby will now meet him in his office, I lost my perception of time and couldn't have been connected to the present moment. I will always remember Bobby's first sentence when I walked into his office: 'What are you waiting for?'. I was pretty surprised by such an introduction and I didn't had much time to think about it that Bobby renewed his question: 'You know exactly what I'm talking about'.

Through this meeting, Bobby helping me to understand that there isn't such a thing of waiting to be ready and that I should no wait to start making my dreams comes true. He helped me to remember what I am and acknowledge that my fears where only related to previous experiences that actually happened in order to guide and help me to become the man I am today. The most powerful learning I received from this session with Bobby is that our intuition is our spiritual guide to our inner wisdom, and the key to access our limitless divine creative force.

Since our meeting, I have been able to build more strength and trust towards my intuition and my visions, and to always remember what I am when I eventually get in a place of fears and questioning.

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