Betty Kay

Poet - Painter

Betty Kay is an American fine art artist and poet who came from the hills of Napa Valley, California. She is magical realism and fierce freedom. Each of her series are guided by what is to come.

I met Betty Kay in Ibiza and we shared a profound connection. Since then she has become a very dear friend and confident. I believe we both inspired each other on our transformation and it had a deep impact on my own journey. Betty Kay is one of the first people that encouraged me to embrace my healing gift, even before that I thought about it. That's her magic.

Betty Kay has a real gift to unravel knots and finding light in the dark and I am pleased that she (finally) decided to share her gift by offering clarity and support sessions in addition to her work as an artist and poet.

Betty Kay is also the founder of In Pursuit of Magic, a collective of female artists on a crusade to elevate consciousness and amplify meaning in the world.

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