The meaning of life is to find your gift.

The purpose of life is to give it away.

Pablo Picasso

Born and raised in Belgium, I spend most my childhood in nature in my family's property in the countryside of Brussels. I remember loving to visit our neighbor's farm and I could spend hours there helping them in their daily routine. I was fascinated by their work and by the time I was dreaming about one day becoming a farmer.

I grew up in a family of 7 kids. I came second after a little soul that did not make it through so I took on the role of the eldest. After me came 3 sisters and finally 2 young brothers to bring up the rear. As the eldest I quickly learned to become independent.

As I young kid I was already very creative. I spend a lot of time writing down stories on my old typewriter. I loved music as much as my mom's famous chocolate cake.

Every summer I spent a few weeks in South of France at my grand-parents with my cousins. A lot of magic still resonates from those memories. My grand-father, who was such a character and a model of generosity, was running the show with sometimes up to 30 people staying on the property. He was always making sure that everyone would have the best time and I believe he has been playing a very inspiring role for me in what later become my passion for hosting experiences.

Hold the hand of the child that lives in your soul. For this child, nothing is impossible.

At the age of 11 my parents decided to take us for a one year adventure in Asia. My dad who was born and raised in Mumbai where my family owned some rubber plantations. He wanted to return to his roots with us.

Through those experiences, since my young age I have been developing a passion for spending time in nature, traveling, meeting new people and discovering different cultures.

I have always had a strong connection with mountains. The summer holidays in the Swiss alps and the long hikes still resonates with me. I love winters and snow but I prefer even more summers for hikes and climbing pikes, pushing my limits. Today I am happy to share this passion with my son Arthur.

I started my professional career in the event industry at 18. My first job has been for a company in Belgium specialized in the organization of medical congresses. The main driver for me in this work was the hospitality part. As my grand-father, I have always been passionate about hosting people and making sure they're having the best experience.

Through the years I developed an expertise in hosting high-end experiences and finally got to create my own company The Key in Geneva in 2008. For more than a decade, my mission has been to guide and educate our clients into transformational experiences that have the power to inspire them and the magic to change their lives and elevate their consciousness.

We acquired the reputation of organizing some of the most exotic and inspiring experiences that profoundly immerse our clients sense of wonder. Our experiences were defined as remarkably uncommon bespoke moments created on request for our clients and their families and friends. Our goal was to bring magic and spirituality into every experience we created, helping our guests to have a once in a lifetime personal journey.

We also created bespoke travel Itineraries, bucket list quests, and spiritual journeys to the world’s most exotic and unexpected locations.

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Over the course of the past years, I decided to focus my activity more on the curation of holistic healing journeys.

Fostering a connection between my clients and a network of talented healers and practitioners, has positioned me at the intersection between the two, presenting myself with opportunities to both witness and personally experience the incredible benefits and impact of those practices.

This opportunity became the inception of my passion for transformational awakening and consciousness.

Meet the incredible friends and mentors that inspired my transformation.

In 2018 I had a vision about building a community dedicated to gather people around transformation and consciousness in order to support the global awakening and empower the people that are most contributing to it. This why I created my startup Noös.

My vision with this project was to promote inclusive access to holistic and integrative health services and inspire and promote a healthier daily life. Strengthen the well-being of people to help make our planet a healthier and happier place!

Despite the incredible potential of these practices, the alarming increase in mental health problems around the world and the fact that there are already over 140 million users in Europe, I noticed that there were no real global synergies between industry and those seeking support.

Inspired by my personal journey and the amazing therapists I have had the chance to meet as well as my various community experiences where I have learned how powerful an idea can be when supported by a group of people who share the same same ideas (Burning Man -which I first attended in 2012-, Summit, Habitas), I envisioned a solution to support people on their journey of transformation.

Noös is a societal collective that brings together people around a shared vision of living a healthier, happier, more conscious life and therefore more in balance with our fragile ecosystem.

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